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Feb 2010 [School Site Decided!]

On January 20, the Village of Tsumagoi officially agreed to enter into a 30-year lease contract with our school foundation for their 170,000 sqm (50,000 tsubo) land up in North Karuizawa.

The site is a 30 minute-drive from Karuizawa Station (1 hour from Tokyo by bullet train) and is surrounded by two renowned golf courses, a ski resort, and a ranch. Because the land is owned by the local government of Tsumagoi, we can lease it for a very minimal rent. What else can we ask for!?

Very coincidentally, on the very same day on January 20, I gave birth to our first baby boy. We named him Takuto, spelled with three Chinese characters each meaning wide, sky, and person. What a memorable day January 20 has become for us...!

In the next column, I will introduce our summer program which we plan to offer in Karuizawa this year (July 19-30). Please stay tuned!