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Apr 2009 [Foundation]

This month, we legally registered our Preparatory Committee and became a Foundation. Myself and the other Founder have put in some seed money to start up with (*For more background of the Project, please refer to the link provided at the bottom of this page).

In addition to the Advisors I mentioned in the last column, we have newly welcomed the Chairman of Carlyle Group and the CEOs from McKinsey & Co. and Credit Suisse Group in Japan who will be providing us advise on fundraising and management strategies. As for the Board Members, our original team became Directors and Trustees to continue working on the Project TOGETHER. Establishing a school is not only challenging but also needs patience because it'll take decades before we see the outcome. This cannot be done just by a few individuals. I feel blessed to have met with so many people who strongly believe in this Dream School concept and continuously help us move forward.

Last weekend I was in Nagano to meet with Prefecture Government to report the progress and discuss future steps for clearing other regulations. On the way back, I went to "Zenkoji", the most symbolic and worshiped temple in the area (photos). I love its magnificent yet very peaceful atmosphere. I prayed for our family's health as well as the success in our Dream School Project, and quietly left to catch a bullet train back to Tokyo.