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[February 2008]

Shiny eyes and bright smiles, full of energy and much enthusiasm - who can believe that those boys once used to be in a jail?

Two years have passed since the enacement of Juvenile Justice Welfare Act (more details here). During this time, UNICEF has been supporting a wide range of community-based diversion programs such as family reintegration, psychotherapy, vocational training and job placement assistance, etc. Meeting the children who have drastically changed and now glow from within, I was assured (once again) that every child is born with good nature and they do respond once they receive the affection and attention that every child deserves.

Juvenile delinquency cannot be blamed solely on the children because it is a reflection of dysfunctionality of families and failed community safety-net. It is up to us adults to prevent it through building a healthy and responsible society.

*Interested in supporting the boys in the picture? You can donate to one of our strong partners in Baguio City, CFSPI.