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[May 2007]

My 1st field trip to Northern Luzon (Mt. Province and Isabela) turned out to be quite tough, traveling on extremely winding roads for 6-8hrs every day. But I had a chance to see beautiful rice terraces and unique alpine plants- which made this trip very enjoyable.

It was work that was tougher. My task this time was to monitor the data collection activities for the nation-wide masterlisting of Children in Need of Special Protection (CNSP). As anticipated, CNSP cases such as sexual abuse and trafficking are under taboo and hardly ever talked about. We have to heavily rely on rumors and verify them one by one with the neighbors. Obviously, what we can capture, if any, will be only a tip of a huge iceberg. And you can imagine how challenging it will be to sustain this database. I am only hoping that a large amount of money and time spent on this study will be worthwhile despite all the limitations and upcoming challenges...