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[July 2007]

It was the most touching and inspiring experience I've ever had with UNICEF: Our NGO partner "TATAG" has been supporting Street Urban Working Children (SUWC) in Olongapo City for over 20 yrs. The movement started with one man who gave up his career as an engineer to tutor children on the street. Currently, TATAG supports more than 150 SUWC and provides scholarship to 1200 children in the poor communities.

It is the ex-beneficiaries of TATAG themselves who deliver the services now. Under the supervision of the founder, the college students called "street educators" visit SUWC regularly after the classes, encourage them to go to school, and tutor them during the weekend.

"I want to 'pay forward' the support I received," said the street educators with eyes that are so strong and pure. What's more encouraging is that there is a younger generation of SUWC willing to take up their positions after they graduate. TATAG is no longer a movement by one man, but is a silent, dynamic, chain movement impacting the entire community of Olongapo.

500 pesos (10 US dollars) can support a child to go to school for a year. Please email me from the top page if you're interested in supporting TATAG.