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[January 2007]

I closed the year 2006 with a temple bell toll at Chion-in (Kyoto, Japan). Embraced in solemn atmosphere of the temple and a crisp chill air, I looked back the year that just passed by. From getting a job at UNICEF to setteling down in Manila - I feel blessed to have so many friends supporting me in so many ways, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being there for me.

My couple friends, Tricia and Paul, are in Japan for vacation. With them and my husband, Shige, I have not only been able to experience the most traditional New Year ever, but also to have some good discussion on the underlining philosophy of development - over some good sake. Equal opportunity, our role as foreigners, and our limitations... Another year of quest for an answer for un-answerable question has just begun.