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[April 2007]

Blue, blue ocean of Marinduque Island. Under the surface of this extremely calm water, lies a long stretch of coral leaf - mostly dead. Fishermen of the island step on the coral when they dive for game, which inevitably kills the coral. Now there is a movement for revitalizing this coral leaf to attract some serious tourism, which might save Marinduque from a long economic stagnation it's been suffering from since their loss of once a major source of income, mining.

However, revitalization of the coral leaf not only takes time but also requires the fishermen to stop diving. Will the tourism really be able to feed them and their families after a decade or two? How can we secure the livelihood of these fishermen until then? Many questions remain unanswered, and their long noble journey has just begun (interested in supporting this movement? - please email me from the top page!).